Hello from Kentucky ...

After nine years of being a general manager in the retail business, I have decided to take my love and passion for helping others into new territory as a Virtual Assistant. Of all the many divisions involved in retail management, I found customer service to be the arena in which I thrived most. I have a personal and professional history of assisting others in accomplishing their goals and dreams, and I have a love for building teams with motivated individuals who want to learn their field and succeed. I hold a strong belief in providing a consistent, exceptional customer experience to each and every individual. It is this attitude that I most wish to provide to my future customers as a Virtual Assistant. 

Prior to my career in retail, I have 10+ years of experience as a receptionist and office manager for a number of different businesses, from small non-profits to major hospitals and healthcare conglomerates. I have experience in client intake and scheduling, billing, data entry, filing, and client profile maintenance, and I have functioned as a patient relations representative for a large group of lung and critical care physicians within a regional hospital. It was my years as an office assistant that drilled into me the importance of detail orientation and accuracy in my work, skills that I am proud to say have endured through changes in employment and professional responsibilities.

I am so excited to venture out and challenge myself in a new career suited to my passions and skill sets, and I am so looking forward to working with you!


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