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Hello from Kentucky ...

Hello, it’s Caitlin Martinelli: your virtual assistant (also known as VA) who can help you complete tasks that you don’t have the time, resources, or willpower - (we’ve all been there) - to do! Whatever the reason may be, let me help simplify your life! My passion is social media marketing and content creation for businesses, entrepreneurs, and bloggers. I also specialize in administrative and customer support in the work place. I work remotely or if you're local to the Kentucky area I can come to you!



Think about it as a personal office assistant who assists businesses and entrepreneurs from a remote location. I can be hired for a single task on a onetime basis, or for a multitude of items on a regular schedule - my level of assistance is solely dependent upon YOUR exact needs.



24/7 customer service:
We all know customer engagement and service provide not only revenue, but a loyal customer base as well. A virtual assistant can boost customer service via email, phone, text, or online chat support. Being able to chat with a customer in real time helps solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Reduced cost:
A full time assistant often comes with an employee benefits package and is paid for a set number of hours each day. A virtual assistant, on the other hand, requires no benefits and is ONLY paid for the task at hand, allowing you to streamline your efficiency and save money by avoiding paying employees for “down time.”

Frees up time for strategic thinking:
Allows businesses and entrepreneurs to focus on their core competencies. Oftentimes expanding companies find themselves stretched thin as they must handle a variety of “non-core” tasks, which, although necessary, are a huge drain on valuable time and resources. By outsourcing to a virtual assistant, they take care of all your non-core tasks so you can fully focus on your essential workload.

The VA trend has exploded in cities like New York, LA, and San Fran. I'm excited to bring it home to my local Kentucky roots.

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Call or Text 270-320-8456


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Call or Text 270-320-8456

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